SAWN TIMBER planks from manufacturer

* There's a number of other types of lumber woods such as PINE, FIR, ALDER, ASH-TREE and others

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Our advantages

Why do clients all over the world choose our company?

Stable deliveries

We guarantee stable deliveries round the year under the contract

High quality

We use pollution-free and high-quality white birch

Dried lumber

We stove the wood using modern and efficient equipment

Worldwide deliveries

We organize deliveries all over the world

Modern equipment

We treat the wood in accordance with international standards

Why white birch?

Fact-faced advantages of birch

Environmental friendliness 

At all times people care about the comfort and coziness of their homes. Today, a huge number of buyers prefer furniture made of birch, as it can help to create a unique atmosphere with healing and calming effect. Birch also has a strong bactericidal effect, which makes it possible to use it for manufacturing furniture for children's rooms. 


Birch has a light natural color. Its fibrous structure absorbs great variety of colors, so it can be used for making furniture of almost any color. Birch may bend while being steamed and dried, and after complete drying, it becomes smooth with a pleasant matt texture.


Solid birch is quite dense and hard material. It is used for various interior items, which are resistant to any mechanical impact and temperature extremes. In addition, traces from various damages are almost invisible on the furniture made of birch.


Birch is considered to be not only very beautiful but also reliable material. It has high toughness, so it is ideal for making a variety of cabinets and shelving. This type of wood is good enough for nailed or glued joints.

Ease of processing

Birch can be easily grinded and polished. If necessary, it can be stained to imitate some more expensive grades of wood. In addition, birch enables wood masters to apply many processing techniques while retaining all of its beneficial properties.

Curative properties

Birch has curative properties which are explained by the presence of tanning substances. When the material is heated, they exhale and producing hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effect.


Customer reviews

  • Excellent quality of lumber! Delivery is made on time and in full. Continuing cooperation

    Malag & Soltau GmbH, Germany

  • Purchased lumber for pallets. The board quality is very good. Thank Valentine for cooperation.

    FHG SatimBela Russia B.V., Netherlands

Delivery terms


All companies may buy the wood directly.
We deliver according to FOB, CIF, FCA, DDU, EXW, CPT, CIP or CFR.

Volume of deliveries

Furniture lumber

Up to 4000 mper month.

Pallet boards

Up to 2000 m3 per month.

Terms of payment


From 50%

Minimum Order Quantity

By land

1 truck load

By sea


By train

Half of carriage

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